Small Business Server

Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2: Powering Small Businesses

How SBS Can Benefit Your Business

Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 is ideal for a number of reasons. One, it keeps your business up and running by helping to secure your network. Two, it allows you to spend more time focusing on your business, and less time and money on technology issues.

With Small Business Server, your business can do much more with LESS, as it offers businesses the technology and tools needed to run more efficiently, improve employee productivity, and reduce costs. Connecting with customers is a vital part of your business. Small Business Server allows your business to communicate in new ways and provide a higher level of service for your customers by offering tools that help you stay more connected, look and interact more professionally, and manage customer relationships more effectively.

Features of SBS

Protected, reliable operating systems

File, print, and application sharing

Robust firewall for improved security and data protection

Internal company Web site (Intranet) for document and information sharing

Email and messaging solution Shared calendaring

New! Expanded mailbox limits to 75 gigabytes

New! Automated network-wide patch and update management

New! Daily report on status of desktops and server(s) running Microsoft software

Fax with fewer phone lines from desktops

Receive faxes via email or printer

Powerful, integrated data management and reporting solution

Firewall for multi-layer security

Tools to manage and monitor internal Internet access

Tools to develop Web sites