Point of Sale

Need help with business financials or ecommerce? Savage Systems specializes in Quickbooks Financial and Point of Sale products, and offers access to expert training and setup. A specialist will perform comprehensive training sessions for businesses of all sizes. Savage Systems does full scale point of sale systems for businesses of all types and sizes. Our point of sale systems are PC-based with bar code readers, credit card processing, label printers, cash drawers, and more.

Savage System utilizes the following software for Point of Sale Systems:

Quickbooks Point of Sale

FirmPOS (specifically for gyms)

LiquorPOS (specifically for liquor stores)

Savage Systems works with customers on an individualized basis. We work with you to to determine what Point of Sale system will best work for you, your business, and your budget. We specialize in full touchscreen PCs that are all integrated or designed for basic point and click. We provide full turn-key installation, training, and more.